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Yuan L.

This grand open bar and restaurant provides very authentic Chinese northeastern BBQ style food. It's juicy, tender and tasty. Besides food, their karaoke has self serve system, a variety of songs to choose, another good thing about it is even it's not saved in the system you can download online without costing money yourself. Their owners are super friendly, great service!

Yun A.

This is a new restaurant and bar and karaoke place. It will have its Oregon lottery license soon and will have machines soon. The owners told me they were in the process of interviewing chef so the menu was not complete and they didn't have their full menu offering but they did have a lot of shish kebabs including lamb beef chicken calamari and vegetables I had the pork belly entrée which consisted of sweet potato mash with the braised pork belly topped off with a soft fried egg and seasonal vegetables. The space was warm Spacious-and comfortable. Tucked away in the back they had three private karaoke rooms and each one could seat about 12 to 15 people. The braised pork belly entrée was awesome and I would recommend it highly. They had plenty of TVs so would make a great sports bar and the owner tells me that they are going to start with a dance club on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights. All in all a great place I can't wait for them to get up and rolling 100%